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Saturday, January 1, 2011


So I wanted to give you a summary of the best dishes we've made this year.  However, when I picked out the list of my favorites, we had over 30 recipes.  We've made a lot of really delicious food this year and the majority of the recipes will go into the book.  But it would be pointless to give you a list of 90% of the things we've made, so I forced myself (and B.) to come up with the best of the best.

You'll probably be able to tell which ones were at the very top of his list and which ones were at the top of mine. I think we can agree that this list is not comprehensive and that we both (at the very least) liked what each other chose.  I realize that some family and friends may call me out for a lot of these, since there are some recipes we've made for YEARS (ahem, tuna London broil since we met three years ago...)

In no particular order:

Spinach, green onion, and smoked gouda quiche

Crab Cakes

Chicken and wild rice salad with almonds

Chicken Chilaquiles

Candied-walnut, pear and leafy green salad

Peppercorn-crusted pork tenderloin

Tuna "London broil" with wasabi cream

Curried vegetable samosas with cilantro-mint chutney

Avocado-buttermilk crab salad

Spicy Shrimp tacos with grilled tomatillo salsa

Chicken and basil calzones

Deep dish Pepperoni pizza

Blue cheese-stuffed chicken with Buffalo sauce

French Onion soup

Butternut squash gratin with sage and blue cheese

Best Desserts:

Butter crunch lemon-cheese bars

Spicy autumn crisp

Best Breads:

Ham and cheese scones

sour cream, green onion, cheddar drop biscuits

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